3 Reasons to Choose Akos for Your Next Doctor Visit

We’ve all been there: sore throat, stuffy nose and a pounding headache that makes you question getting out of bed. It’s either go into the office feeling miserable, or worse, an unscheduled doctor visit interrupting your day.

Save Time with an Online Doctor Visit

Saving time is one of the of the top advantages telemedicine can offer patients today, but it’s not the only one. In fact, there are many reasons why patients prefer Akos over other healthcare providers.

Try Akos for your Urgent Care Needs

Let’s take a look at the top three reasons to try telemedicine:

1. Affordability
High deductibles? No insurance? No problem. Akos charges just $49 to speak with a board-certified physician, who will discuss your symptoms, provide an informed diagnosis, offer treatment options and even prescribe medication if necessary. For families and individuals looking for long-term solutions, a flat rate fee of $15 per month and a reduced rate of $30 per consult grants you unlimited access to Akos physicians all year long. Get access to patient care 24/7/365 at a low cost, without sacrificing quality.

2. Physician Personalization
Many telemedicine services focus on connecting you with a doctor, but Akos takes its services further by connecting you with complimentary care coordinators, who assess your symptoms to ensure that you speak with the doctor that best meets your individual needs. If a care coordinator determines that your needs cannot be met through a virtual consult, you will not be charged for their initial assessment.

3. Preferred Healthcare Network
Unlike other telemedicine providers, Akos services extend beyond the scope of a virtual visit. For example, if your medical needs cannot be met through telemedicine services, an Akos medical professional can direct you to a healthcare center in your area using our preferred healthcare network. This way, you’ll receive the additional care you need, when and where you need it.

For more reasons on why patients choose Akos, visit AkosMD.com/Patients.


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