5 Healthy Tips for holidays
& the festive season

Holidays – The fun exercise to the unhealthy lifestyle.

For most of the people, the holiday season’s schedule is the busiest. The only difference between the busiest schedule throughout the year and the busiest schedule in the holiday season is that it is more fun. This schedule is not only full of beautiful time with family and friends but also means beautiful memories for the rest of your lives.

While we are busy making memories, the most important other thing we are making unknowingly is the worsening health, we are too busy making time for others, cooking delicious meals, attending parties and what not that we forget to maintain the lifestyle we have been working on for the rest of the eleven months.

We tend to forget maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we ignore things we have been doing on daily basis which maybe includes morning walks, jogs, eating healthy, drinking healthy, making me time, reading and all those things that help to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

Well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season definitely does not mean that we have to give up on all the parties happening around in our family and friends neither does it mean to give up on all the food we have been craving for.

The truth is: You don’t have to anything that scares you. Holiday means fun time and each of us deserve that time for ourselves. It’s just that we have to be smarter with what to do and what to eat. Everybody can celebrate the holidays while sticking with the healthy lifestyle.

Holidays definitely are the time to lose all the mental stress we have been suffering from but it is definitely not the time to lose our health. We can make healthier decisions to remain healthy by following the below given steps:

1.Prioritize your mental, physical and behavioural health: Just because it is the holiday season does not mean we would do anything that can be harmful to us. Daily routine in our normal lifestyle can be overwhelming, make sure we give ourselves a break and cope up with it during the holiday season. The best way is to get proper rest and getting properly hydrated. Staying with your family and friends during the season can be highly beneficial to maintain your behavioural health.

  1. Do not forget to Exercise: Cooking, attending parties and shopping can easily replace the healthier exercises in our lifestyle. Though all these things are a part of the holiday season but that just does not mean that we can give up on the daily physical exercises. Morning walks, jogs, getting enough sleep should still be on the priority list during the holidays.
  2. Don’t skip meals: While busy with all the other schedules we tend to lose time track which usually is the major reason behind why we skip meals. Meals are the healthiest while they are taken on time. So, this holiday season make sure to have scrumptious healthy meals. It is kind of a tradition to have sweet food during the holidays but it be highly helpful to maintain the healthy lifestyle you have been working on all those month if you cut down on the sugar intake.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated: Drinking enough water can be the easiest and the cheapest way to keep you healthy. 8 glasses a day is all you need. During the holidays we get used to the beverages that we do not usually drink water, but we need to understand that the most important thing for us is to stay hydrated. We don’t have to be thirsty to drink water, we just have to make it a priority.
  4. Meditation: this holiday season add meditation to your list as it gives you sense of calm, peace and balance that is beneficial for your health.

So, this holiday season, Eat healthy, stay healthy.


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