AI-Driven Medical Station Taking Virtual Healthcare Visit to a New Level





Tempe, Arizona


AI-Driven Medical Station Taking Virtual Healthcare Visit to a New Level


PHOENIX, Ariz., October 19, 2018 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Akos, a leader in the urgent care and telemedicine arenas, has developed a future-forward solution to the typical doctor’s visit using the power of AdviNOW Medical’s innovative medical technology, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR).


“In a time when digital health is rapidly evolving, we are excited to bring this innovative approach to virtual medical care,” says Akos CEO and Co-founder Kishlay Anand, MD. “At Akos, we’re committed to improving access to high-quality medical care and this partnership will expand our telehealth offering beyond the capabilities of our telemedicine app by placing clinics where consumers regularly shop.”


While sitting in front of a unique medical station that contains a computer screen and a rack of simple-to-use, FDA-approved medical devices—patients are guided by AR through self-administered steps to collect data such as weight, temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen content, as well as ear, nose and throat images, and chest, lung and abdomen sounds. The AI next asks follow-up questions until the information necessary for diagnostic impression is collected. The total process typically takes less than 15 minutes. A complete patient work-up is sent electronically to an Akos healthcare provider with a breakdown of predicted illnesses and treatment options. Through a video consultation, the provider engages with the patient to confirm the AI-collected information, verify the diagnosis and confirm or modify the treatment plan formulated by the system.


Every detail of the encounter is automatically charted and scribed into the electronic medical record, saving valuable time and improving efficiency and enhancing the engagement between the provider and patient. The AI also electronically sends the prescription and/or test orders to the appropriate healthcare partner, e.g. imaging centers, pharmacies, etc., and completes the billing process—which, together, speeds up the recovery for the patient and cuts waste out of the healthcare system. Finally, the AI follows up with the patient, at the appropriate time depending on their diagnosis, to check on their health status and determine if a follow-up appointment is warranted.


“We believe our technology can help solve the persistent problem of access to care, by making the visit more efficient, allowing more patients to be seen in a day,” says AdviNOW Medical CEO and Founder James Bates. “Our tool will help with the accuracy of data collection, and the importance of follow-up, both of which impact profits, liability, and value-based health outcomes.”


To schedule a demo of the kiosk, or for more information, please call Andrea Smiley, AdviNOW Medical, at 480-560-9214 or or Shawn Smith, Akos, at 480-621-2324 or



Developed by a team of leading physicians, Akos launched its revolutionary telehealth platform in 2016. Named “2017 Innovator of the Year” at the Governor’s Innovation of Celebration, Akos powers a new type of virtual practice, offering a fully integrated HIPAA-compliant healthcare solution for patients, physicians, employers and medical centers across the United States. By combining smart technology, seamless design, a patient-centric approach, grassroots strategy and the collective power of a preferred provider network, Akos is reinventing the traditional healthcare model one virtual call at a time. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, Akos gives patients unparalleled access to licensed healthcare providers who provide care for a wide range of non-emergent conditions via a smartphone, tablet or desktop – no insurance or membership necessary. For more information or to download our app, visit For the latest news, health tips and more, follow Akos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.



Healthcare has been slow to operationalize technological innovation. How we engage with providers today is not much different than decades ago. This has led to wasteful inefficiencies, persistent poor health outcomes, and out-of-control costs. AdviNOW Medical is changing this paradigm. Winner of the AZBio Fast Lane Award, AdviNOW Medical uses Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to power a patient-friendly medical station, or kiosk, to evolve and improve the healthcare encounter—resulting in reduced overhead, greater patient through-put, billing timeliness and efficiency, and faster value-based, incentivized data collection. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.





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