When to Choose Telemedicine Over Traditional Medicine

When to schedule an online doctor visit?

Telemedicine is growing at an astounding rate to meet the demands of modern healthcare. Yet even now, many patients have trouble deciding when to use it. When is it appropriate to let your symptoms continue while waiting for a traditional doctor appointment? When does it make more sense to address your symptoms immediately by speaking to a doctor on your mobile device?

If you physically can’t get to a doctor, but need to treat symptoms for a non-emergent medical condition, telemedicine is there for you. Telemedicine helps bridge that gap between the doctor’s office and your location by giving you access to a diagnosis wherever you might be.

Traditionally visiting the doctor can be extremely expensive, even with health insurance. The United States spends over $2.9 trillion on healthcare every year, more than any other developed nation in the world. Much of this money comes from costs that are avoidable, such as when patients seek out urgent care providers for non-emergent issues. Telemedicine apps like Akos however cut down healthcare spending by reducing the cost to be treated, eliminating unneeded ER visits and putting control back in the hands of the patient.

Are you looking to stay involved in your course of treatment? Then telemedicine is the perfect option for you. With telehealth technology, patients can enjoy improved availability and accessibility to their providers. This allows telemedicine patients to feel more comfortable asking questions and ultimately helps them build stronger relationships with their doctors.

It’s important to note that telemedicine should not be used in place of a traditional ER visit for an emergency. Telemedicine shouldn’t be seen as a replacement to traditional medicine, but rather an enhancement to the current tools that are in place.

As telemedicine continues to grow, Akos is there to put medical care back into the palm of your hand. Low fees, board-certified physicians and real-time care make Akos the leader in telemedicine. Download Akos free on the App Store or Google Play to speak to a physician today.


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