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Accidents happen. Fortunately, Akos is there to help you move forward. Our virtual nurse and physician consults offer immediate care so your employees can return to work faster and at less cost to you.

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With Akos, employees can speak to a healthcare professional, update their medical history and keep a record of their visits - all on one innovative, HIPAA-compliant platform.

Telemedicine for employers

Akos offers medical care for modern professionals

More convenience

Simplify the step-by-step process

Akos offers customized implementation so you can streamline the way your business handles work-related injuries and illness. We can even go live in as little as 30 days to make your transition easier.

Less cost

Reduce unnecessary expenses

When the health of your employees takes a hit, your business does too. With Akos, you can minimize the cost of ER and Urgent Care visits. And thanks to our proactive approach to healthcare, we can also reduce claims and risks, which in turn helps you lower your E-MOD ratings and insurance costs.

Better care

Improve the well-being of your staff

Akos improves more than employee productivity, it helps boost morale. By giving your staff the opportunity to diagnose and treat interfering medical conditions through our telemedecine app, you can put the well-being of your employees first without compromising the health of your business.

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