Virtual Healthcare Comes to Arizona

This week, Akos, the newest virtual healthcare provider, launched its telehealth platform offering a 360-degree solution for patients in Arizona, with plans to expand nationwide in the coming months.

Developed by doctors Swaraj Singh, Kishlay Anand and a team of local physicians, Akos uses a mobile interface to provide patients unparalleled access to qualified virtual care coordinators and board-certified physicians 24/7/365 days a year via a virtual smartphone or tablet consultation.


The Akos platform features:

  • Convenient voice and live video consultations via a smartphone or tablet
  • Access to board-certified physicians in minutes for consultation, diagnosis and treatment
  • No membership or insurance requirements
  • Medical records stored securely on HIPAA compliant platform
  • Same convenient and cost effective care for family and loved ones
  • Access to the Akos preferred provider network
  • For a flat fee of $49 patients get up to 15 minutes with an Akos physician, who can diagnose, treat and prescribe if necessary. For individuals or families looking to have a long-term care solution, Akos offers a membership package, which starts at $15 per month and a reduced fee per call of $30.

What We Treat

Below are common medical conditions physicians can, but aren’t limited to, treat through Akos:

  • Illness: common cold, flu, nausea, vomiting, strep throat
  • Aches and pains: migraines, headaches, back pain, abdominal pain
  • Seasonal: allergies, sinus infection, asthma, wheezing
  • Minor injuries: contusions, sprains, strains
  • Skin: rashes, acne, sunburn, stings and bites
  • Other: motion sickness, stye, pink eye, urinary tract infection, constipation, yeast infection, STDs, ear infection, swimmer’s ear, acid reflux (GERD), weight loss and nutrition, general women’s and men’s health

Akos will see patients in Arizona starting this March, with plans to expand virtual care practices by spring of 2017. Download the Akos app for free and start using it today on your smartphone or tablet. Watch the video below for tips and instructions on how to use the Akos app.


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