Akos Chronic Care

The Akos Virtual Care Ecosystem is supported by our comprehensive
care management program. Akos Chronic Care Management is a
clinically validated, provider-led care management program for eligible patients
with a goals of improving health, improving day to day communication,
lowering Emergency Room visits for providers and offices.

Lowers busy work for physicians and
staff so that they can focus on physical
patients in office, while other patient
still receive high quality level of care

Providing patients a direct liaison between
them and their provider/office

Enables you to set health goals and
helps you achieve them

Provides patients with a dedicated
Care Navigator that helps you manage
their health

Consolidates your health data into
one record that can be shared

Lowers your healthcare costs by
eliminating redundancy

Understanding Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are ongoing, incurable illnesses that affect more than 117 million people in the United States. The good news is that these conditions and diseases are often preventable and can be controlled with early detection, an improvement in diet, increased exercise, and treatment therapy. All of which you will receive help with achieving while in the Akos Care Management program.

Quick and Easy
Patient Setup

Monthy Escalation

Patient Care

Improved Quality

Additional Revenue

Fully Compliant
CCM Services

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