Akos Remote Patient
Monitoring Solution

Akos Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution
supports healthcare professionals and caregivers by providing
greater access to care outside of a conventional setting, and
empowers patients to better manage their health.

Comprehensive Remote
Care for Patients & Caregivers

Flexible Reporting

Pie charts, trend graphs, and scatter plots

Key Alerts

Alerts are auto-generated when the patient's reading goes out of range

Multi-Level Access

Group manager, caregiver, and end-user


User Experience

Intuitive, easy to navigate and customize dashboard for caregivers and patient


Real-time data is easily accessed from any web browser including moblie devices.

Various Measurements

Blood glucose, blood pressure & pulse, weight, SpO2 and temperature.


How Does Our Solution
Benefit Patients & Caregivers?

Patient measures using Bluetooth Cellular data transmission device, and readings are immediately transmitted to the patient's account.

Print out reports, add data, and monitor multiple parameters such as blood glucose, pressure, oxygen, weight

Reduce health care costs by identifying key problems early and avoid costly ER visits, hospital stays, and long-term complications

Improve your patient's outcomes by daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring

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